... where Biology Takes Form


For more than 200 years now Kiel has been one of the most important centres of international marine research. The Zoological Museum has preserved this centuries-old development. The exhibition "...where Biology Takes Form" shows the origin of marine sciences in Kiel and illustrates important milestones of zoology and marine research in Kiel.

In two rooms, the museum's history, from its beginnings in the 17th Century to the major discoveries of Karl August Möbius and Victor Hensen in the 19th Century are presented. In addition to the great scientists and their research, the visitor obtains an overview of the history of zoology. The exhibition covers the range from the cabinet of wonders of the Renaissance, the establishment of zoological systematics by Carl von Linnaeus, the formulation of the theory of evolution by Darwin and Wallace to the beginnings of ecology and quantitative research.

Significant discoveries and their origins in Kiel are presented, such as the terms “biocoenosis”, “plankton” or “biotope”. The fascination of the exhibition results from a unique range of valuable original exhibits from 240 years of collection history in Kiel.