Maritime expeditions

Maritime Expeditionen

Expeditions were and are a key driver in acquiring groundbreaking new findings in biology. Thus, expeditions have contributed significantly to the formulation of the theory of evolution. Deep sea and polar research have been founded with the early expeditions of the 19th century, as has the discipline of biogeography. To date, the collections of historical expeditions provide new insights, not least because some regions are no longer accessible today.

In the exhibition original preparation from the collections of important expeditions are shown, which are archived at the Zoological Museum:

  • “Galathea” expedition (1876-1885)
  • Journeys of »Albatross«, US Fish Commission · 1876 – 1885
  • German Plankton expedition, research vessel “National” (1889)
  • First German deep-sea expedition, research vessel “Valdivia” (1898-1899)
  • German Antarctic expedition, research vessel “Gauß” (1901-1903)