Ecology of butterflies


Within the class of the insects, the order of butterflies is one of the most beautiful and most diverse groups - in variety it is surpassed only by the beetles. Worldwide, there are about 200,000 different species of butterflies, 3,000 of these are found in Central Europe.
The butterfly represents the final stage in the life cycle of the species. It emerges from the pupa, which was previously formed by a caterpillar, after it had developed to full body length through several moultings. The caterpillar represents the feeding stage; the pupa the stage of inner transformation while it appears calm on the outside. The butterfly is the stage of reproduction and its main task is to lay fertilized eggs in suitable places.
Butterflies are among those insects that undergo a complete transformation within one generational succession – one of the great wonders of nature.
This exhibition displays information about the following topics:

  • Diversity of butterflies
  • The life of butterflies
  • shape, colours and patterns
  • Camouflage and deception
  • Habitat oak tree
  • Risks of a butterfly