Touching teeth

Auf den Zahn gefühlt

As an inclusion project, the exhibition is tailored to the needs of blind and visually handicapped persons. Without the usual barriers of display case glass or great distances in the museum, visitors can feel and touch original exhibits from the collection of the Zoological Museum.

In the exhibition room, the visitor is guided around an almost closed wall into which exhibits are either let in or can be made accessible by pulling out drawers. The exhibition comprises a total of 6 stations or chapters on the subject of »Tooth«, each of them begins with an information board. You can experience a tooth model, feel the types of teeth and their corresponding animal shapes. Using the example of a series of animal skulls, you can follow up the development of the teeth and can check the function of some animal teeth by comparing animal teeth to human tools. Extreme items of animal teeth and an exhibition board about animal tooth diversity round off the small exhibition. You can feel and grab all of the exhibits here with your hands.

Following guides to the exhibition are provided in German language:

Wegbeschreibung für Blinde als PDF

Wegbeschreibung als Daisy-Hypertext

Audio-descriptions in German language:

1. Vorbemerkungen
2. Informationsschalter
3. Garderobe
4. Weg zur Ausstellung
5. Weg zurück zur Eingangshalle
6. Weg zum WC und zurück