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SesamThrough a cooperative agreement with the Research Institute Senckenberg the Zoological Museum Kiel can use the successful collection database SeSam since 2008 to produce and publish its collections. SeSam is a web-based application for location-independent data collection. All collections are stored centrally in a database and use a common data pool. This allows a homogeneous capture of data and it is possible to search across collections.

For the Zoological Museum Kiel SeSam is an important element in the national and international networking with other museums, and the best option to make its valuable collections accessible to scientists worldwide.

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GBIFThe collections of the Zoological Museum of Kiel are now accessible via the GBIF portal. GBIF stands for Global Biodiversity Information Facility. It is an official, international body of research collaboration with the goal of making scientific data and information on biodiversity freely and permanently available worldwide over the Internet. For this purpose GBIF links a decentralized, worldwide network of web-based databases and makes this freely available via a central portal. Already, more than 47 countries and 31 international organizations are involved in the construction of the network. More than 100 million biodiversity data points can be accessed via the international GBIF portal, powered by 188 data providers.

In the establishment of GBIF Germany 48 major natural history collections and research institutions with a total of 66 projects, which are funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) are involved. GBIF Germany currently provides about 5.3 million biodiversity data points through the GBIF portal. The provision of the existing biodiversity data over the Internet can significantly increase the efficiency of biodiversity research and provide support for the prioritization of research and conservation projects.
In addition, a comprehensive data and information exchange can contribute tremendously to the effective implementation of national commitments and multilateral agreements.

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