Academic teaching


As part of the Zoological institute of the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel contributes the museum to the regular Bachelor and Master degree courses. Courses take place in cooperation with professors from the Zoological Institute. The main focus is here on knowledge of species and morphological and organismic questions about invertebrates.
In addition, the museum offers special skill qualifications from museum-related research internships to theses (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate). During the internships students learn about the handling of collections and are given a thorough training in conservation techniques, taxonomy, collection management and modern collection databases. Additionally, students learn the professional use of taxonomic literature and animal group-specific identification keys. By working with the collection materials students can expand and deepen their zoological knowledge.
Advanced internships and theses are carried out on the basis of a broad range of methods from morphology and/or molecular genetics, often in combination with fieldwork.

Overview of courses, which are currently offered:


  • Tutorial phyla of the animal kingdom / D. Brandis
  • Research practical
  • Excursion knowledge of species / D. Brandis, W. Dreyer, H. Schulenburg


  • Molecular and morphological approaches in population genetics and systematics / G. Hartl, D. Brandis
  • unctional morphology of invertebrates / S. Gorb, D. Brandis
  • Biology of insects / D. Brandis, S. Gorb
  • Research practicals

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